Laughter and forgetting - fog green

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"Laughter and forgetting" is a wonderful wallpaper that has a floral pattern with soft color combinations. The flowers on the wallpaper are painted in pastel colors, including pink, purple and green. The pattern is very organic and the flowers are arranged in an irregular style, which gives the wallpaper a relaxed feeling.

The soft colors used on the wallpaper give an impression of peacefulness and calm. The roses are painted in a soft pink color that gives a romantic and feminine impression. The lavender has a purple shade that gives a relaxing and soothing feeling and green leaves give a feeling of harmony and balance.

This wallpaper would be a perfect decoration for a bedroom, a library or a cozy lounge. The floral pattern gives the room a romantic and picturesque atmosphere, while the soft colors help to create a soothing and relaxing environment.


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