Gloria - Light green

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Wallpaper Gloria is as simple as beautiful flower wallpaper that fits into most homes. The soft and compliant pattern consists of beautiful flowers that create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. The color schemes on the wallpaper are soft and comfortable, which makes it a timeless design that will beautify your home for a long time to come.
The Gloria wallpaper is perfect for those who want a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere in their home. The pattern consists of simplicity and elegance, which makes it easy to combine with other interior details and furniture. It is a wallpaper that fits just as well in the bedroom as in the living room or in the office.
One of the major advantages of the Gloria wallpaper is that it is so easy to work with. The simple design makes it easy to find matching interior details and other wallpapers if you choose to have an accent wall. The color schemes are soft and compliant and the pattern is both simple and elegant, which makes the wallpaper fit into a variety of home decor.


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